5 Things Celebrity Hair Colorist Jenna Perry Wants You to Know About Your Hair

Dua Lipa’s go-to gal wants you to keep your conditioner in the fridge.

New York-based Jenna Perry is the trusted colourist to some of your favourite It-girls (think Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Emily Ratajkowski), so it’s safe to say she knows what makes for good hair. As one of our new MONDAY Muses, we pressed the expert for five nuggets of hair gold. This is what she wants you to know about your hair.

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1. Your hair has the ability to self-nourish

With a helping hand. Brushing your hair is a natural way to enrich the strands with the oils they need. The act of brushing your hair also has calming benefits and it also stimulates the nerve endings in your scalp and promotes better hair growth. Brush your hair (dry) before washing to evenly distribute the oils.

2. Never cut your hair when you’re bored

It might look cute on TikTok, but cutting your hair when you’re bored never ends well. Even if you’re high on adrenaline for a couple hours, the crash and regret (and bad haircut) will live on for months on end. Save the scissors for an expert.

3. Hair colour is your best accessory

Invest in a great stylist and colourist that suits your style, and maintain it. Make your follow up appointment before leaving the salon so that you don’t slip up. Make sure to get a trim every eight weeks and maintain your colour every six to eight weeks. If you have good hair, you can take over the world.

4. Low-maintenance isn’t just a ~thing~; it’s a trend

Apply a light hair oil and twist your hair into a bun or braid, then sleep with it, for effortlessly cool waves the next day.

5. Conditioner is best served cold

Storing conditioner in the fridge ensures your hair receives maximum shine. When applied to your hair, the cold temperature closes the microscopic hair scales, effectively smoothing the cuticle. This reflects more light and makes your hair shine.

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