MONDAY Team’s 2021 Resolutions

Be inspired to set some good intentions for the year ahead with us. We’ll stick to ours if you stick to yours… deal?

“Much like every year, I plan to meditate, breath, be a yogi, read, and finally drink more water & less coffee. But aside from the usuals which I’m sure most of you share, this year I’m trying to release the pressure of perfection I put on myself. To just enjoy the ride rather than always chasing the goal. Appreciate both the quiet times & crazy times, and look back and celebrate the small wins that get you to where you are now.” – Georgia Fowler, hair muse and brand partner.

“Spend less time on screens and more time outdoors! I’m using the Screen Time function on my iPhone and muting/hiding apps I want to use less.” – Nicole Miller-Wong, senior graphic designer

“Make time for self-care, whether it’s putting my phone down and going for a daily walk, doing a face mask (love GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud and SuperMud Clearing Treatment) or doing yoga. @meldouglasyoga is amazing to follow and has routines for all difficulty levels.” – Gemma Davidson, community manager

“Don’t sweat the small stuff, and make a point of celebrating little wins or they’ll pass you by. So far that’s been launching into the US with my amazing team, and my personal highlight of appearing on Forbes.”– Jaimee Lupton, co-founder

“To prioritise my friends and family.” – Cade Fleming, commercial and business development director

“Joining a yoga studio (now that we can again!) and reading a book a month on my Kindle. I’m currently reading American Dirt which I love.” Juliana Sedgers, global marketing manager

“Not order UberEats. For context, in 2020 I placed 78 orders. In 2021 I will place zero.” – Marc Day, creative strategist

“Pick up my Spanish again! After moving back from Colombia in 2018 I’ve been slack. When I move to Sydney I’d love to take group night classes, which will also be a cool way to meet new people in a new city. (Oh, and the Colombia Top 50 playlist on Spotify is )” – Madeline Youngman, marketing executive

“To have more time and patience for those I love most.” – Aditi Gorasia, global business development manager

“Mine is to not buy any new books, so I’ve signed up to my local library to help meet my Goodreads goal (and have discovered they’ll even order in new titles for you, which is super handy). I’m also committed to donating a portion of my monthly income to charity, inspired by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard’s 1% for the Planet.” – Elle McClure, copywriter

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